Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken the time to put together a quality list of questions that we often receive from customers before & after they purchase a Mini Truck. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact us.

What the heck is that thing?

That’s a “kei”, or mini truck, from Japan. Very very economical to own and operate, and very practical with almost limitless uses, from simple commuting to commercial delivery services to off-roading.

What’s the motor?

It’s usually a 660cc motor. Most motorcycles have larger motors.

How fast will it go?

They go highway speeds just fine.

What kind of gas mileage do they get?

Our customers have reported in excess of 60MPG.

Do they have any power if the motor is so small?

Lots. The gear ratios are such that they accelerate very well, and because of the motor design, are intended for high revs while still achieving great fuel economy. Think Motorcycle.

Are they available in diesel?

No , they are all gas engines. Think motorcycle.

What kind of transmission do they have?

Mostly 4 and 5 speed, with some automatics available. Most are 4 wheel drive also, with a high and a low range.

Are they legal to drive on the roads?

Yes, as long as they have been safety certified in the province you live in.

How do you get them?

We import them from Japan. Unlike many importers who simply buy from internet auctions, our company has a Canadian in Japan who personally oversees the selection of every vehicle. This way we, and you, are guaranteed a good vehicle.

What do you have to do to them before you sell them?

Before they even get on the boat, they are inspected and reconditioned to our specifications. Once in Canada, we (and our dealers) have them safety certified in the province in which they are being sold.

I noticed they have the steering wheel on the right. Is that hard to drive?

No, its easy to learn, and most drivers pick it up in just a few minutes. The clutch, gas and brake pedals are in the same position as what we are used to here, and the shift pattern is the same too.

Can I get them with left hand drive?

They are all made right hand drive. They have been converted to left hand drive in some Asian countries , but these are not certifiable in Canada

Where do I get parts and service?

All our locations across Canada stock parts and can do the service. And the parts are NOT expensive.

Can I import one myself?

Yes. But be prepared ! First, you have no quality assurance. You are shooting blindly at a dart board. Secondly its a lot of work. Thirdly, you wont save much if any, as our volume allows us to bring them to you for the same price, or even less, then if you import them yourself, and lastly, you wont have our great service to depend on.

Are they available in my province?

Yes, no matter where you live in Canada, we can get you a vehicle. Some of them look like ATV’s.

Are they good for off-roading?

Oh my, yes. Most all are 4 WD. You can also Put a lift kit on, and some off-road tires, slip into 4 low and give ‘er ! Imagine , it’s like a quad but with a cab, a heater, maybe air conditioning, and throw a great stereo in for some music too!! Hunting, Fishing, Trail-riding, whatever you dream of.

Are there other places to buy these?

Yes. Many are buying substandard vehicles from auctions, importing and turning them around for a quick profit without much work done on them. Beware.

I notice you have a lot of different makes. What’s the best one?

They are sort of like cookie cutters, with slight differences, that can be meaningful depending on your intended use. Consult us as to what your intended use is, and we will direct you to the right make and model.

Can I customize an order with you?

Yes. Let us know what you want. Truck? Van? Transmission? Options? Color? We can then quote you a customized unit.

All the vehicles are used. Why?

North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rules make it impossible to import vehicles from overseas that are less than 15 years old. In Japan, vehicles all need re-certifications every few years. As the vehicles get older, the re-certification costs become impractical, so that has given us the opportunity to expand our operations and get hold of the best of these vehicles to bring over here.

Why don’t these manufacturers make these for the North American Market?

Too small a market for these inexpensive vehicles. Their views may change, but it will take years.

Why don’t North American manufactures make vehicles like this?

That’s a darn good question!!!